Editorial Board
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Editorial Board

EB Eben Alsberg

Dr. Eben Alsberg

Case Western Reserve University, USA

EB Alexis Heng Boon Chin

Dr. Alexis Heng Boon Chin

Sunway University, Malaysia

Unknown EB PHOTO

Dr. Jianyong Han

China Agricultural University, China

EB Fang-Xu Jiang1

Dr. Fang-Xu Jiang

Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, Australia

EB Eun Cheol Kim

Dr. Eun Cheol Kim

Kyung Hee University, Repubic of Korea

EB Dominique Charron

Dr. Dominique Charron

Paris Diderot University, France

EB Michel Goldberg  

Dr. Michel Goldberg

Paris Descartes University, France

EB Xun Li 

Dr. Xun Li

Lanzhou University, China

EB Liang Qiao 

Dr. Liang Qiao

University of Sydney, Australia 

EB Hsu Shan Huang 

Dr. Hsu-Shan Huang

Taipei Medical University, Republic of China 

EB Amjad Husain 

Dr. Amjad Husain

Harvard Unversity, USA 

EB Amelia Maria Gaman 

Dr. Amelia Maria Gaman

University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova, Romania 

EB Burcin Tezcanli Kaymaz 

Dr. Burcin Tezcanli Kaymaz

Ege university medical school, Turkey 

EB Sanda Maria Cretoiu 

Dr. Sanda Maria Cretoiu

Victor Babes National Institute of Pathology, Romania 

EB Chunmeng Jiang 

Dr. Chunmeng Jiang

Dalian Medical University, Australia  

Unknown EB PHOTO 

Dr. Martina Bellini

Hospital San Gerardo, Italy 

EB Christian Jorgensen 

Dr. Christian Jorgensen

University of Montpellier, France 

EB Fangfang Zhu 

Dr. Fangfang Zhu

Stanford University, US

EB Yumin Li 

Dr. Yumin Li

Lanzhou University, China 

EB Gary S. Stein 

Dr. Gary S. Stein

University of Vermont College of Medicine, USA 

EB Habib Rezanejadbardeji 

Dr. Habib Rezanejadbardeji

Harvard Medical School, USA 

Unknown EB PHOTO 

Dr. Hazem Orabi

Assiut University, Egypt 

EB Jianshe Yan 

Dr. Jianshe Yan

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China 

EB June Li 

Dr. June Li

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA 

EB Lan Li 

Dr. Lan Li

Qingdao Agricultural University, China 

EB Manuel M. Abecasis 

Dr. Manuel Abecasis

Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal 

Unknown EB PHOTO 

Dr. Mehri Igci

University of Gaziantep, Turkey 

EB Ming-Chang Chiang 

Dr. Ming-Chang Chiang

Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

EB Miranda Buitenhuis

Dr. Miranda Buitenhuis

SciScribt - Rotterdam, Netherlands

Unknown EB PHOTO

Dr. Orit Uziel

Rabin Medical Center, Israel

Unknown EB PHOTO 

Dr. Pei-Jung Lu

National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan 

Unknown EB PHOTO

Dr. Pengbo Zhang

Stanford University, USA

EB Saeid Ghorbian

Dr. Saeid Ghorbian

Islamic Azad University, Iran 

Unknown EB PHOTO 

Dr. Se Bok Jang

Pusan National University, Korea 

EB Arupratan Das

Dr. Arupratan Das

National Institutes of Health, USA

Unknown EB PHOTO 

Dr. Xia Pu

Liaoning Medical University, China 

EB Christopher L. Antos

Dr. Christopher L. Antos

Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden, Germany

Unknown EB PHOTO

Dr. Elia Ranzato

University of Piemonte, Italy

Unknown EB PHOTO

Dr. Arkadi F. Prokopov

Cellgym Technologies GmbH, Germany

EB Janica Cheuk-Ying Wong

Dr. Janica Cheuk-Ying Wong

Stanford University, USA


Dr. Sameer Raina

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

EB Lijuan Ji

Dr. Lijuan Ji

Stanford University, USA 

EB  Zen

Dr. Ke Zen

Nanjing University, China

EB Gabriel Molina de Olyveira Dr. Gabriel Molina de Olyveira

UNESP State University, Brazil
EB  Ghanshyam Upadhyay

Dr. Ghanshyam Upadhyay

City College of New York, USA 

Unknown EB PHOTO Dr. Muzafar Ahmad Macha

University Nebraska Medical Center, USA
EB Mahdi Tondar Dr. Mahdi Tondar

Georgetown University, USA
EB Rada M. Grubovikj Dr. Rada M. Grubovikj

University “Sts Cyril and Methodius”, Makedonija
EB Kedong  Dr. Kedong SONG

Dalian University of Technology, China 
EB Jianxun Ding

Dr. Jianxun Ding

Chinese Academy of Sciences,China

Unknown EB PHOTO

Dr. Guirong Wang

The State University of New York, USA

Unknown EB PHOTO

Dr. Semra Paydaş

Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine,Turkey

Unknown EB PHOTO

Dr. Saeed Abroun

Tarbiat Modares University, Iran

Unknown EB PHOTO

Dr. Aldo N. Serafini

University of miami school of Medicine, USA

Unknown EB PHOTO

Dr. Jun Feng

Alpert Medical School of Brown University, USA

EB Yiguo Hu

Dr. Yiguo Hu

Sichuan University, China

Unknown EB PHOTO

Dr. Dominique HEYMANN

University of Sheffield, UK

Unknown EB PHOTO 

Dr. Mohamed Mabed

Mansoura University, Egypt

Unknown EB PHOTO

Dr. Radu Gologan


Unknown EB PHOTO

Dr. Wei Du

University of Arkansas, USA

Unknown EB PHOTO

Dr. Qingdong

University of Manitoba, Canada

Unknown EB PHOTO

Dr. Sergey V. Sennikov

Research Institute of Fundamental and

Clinical Immunology (RIFCI), Russia

Unknown EB PHOTO 

Dr. Benedetto Sacchetti

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

 IMG 0025 13

Dr. Jifan Hu

Jilin University,China


Dr. Ahmed Aly Ahmed Allam

King Saud University, Saudi Arabia    

Unknown EB PHOTO 

Dr. Yung-Chih Kuo

National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan

Unknown EB PHOTO 

Dr. Amal Ibrahim Hassan Ibrahim

Department of Radioisotopes, Egypt 


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